Gov Zubiri suspends pro-poor program

September 27, 2006

PROVINCE OF BUKIDNON – Governor Jose Ma. R. Zubiri, Jr. recently issued a memorandum order to suspend the Assistance to Indigent Families in Crisis Situation (AIFCS) over allegations of rampant to-be-benefi-ciary abuse and deceit perpetuated by cor-rupt individuals.

The governor furnished copy of the suspension memorandum to Vice-Go-vernor Alex. Calingasan, the Sangguniang Panlala-wigan members, Provincial Treasurer Luis Oro, Pro-vincial Accountant Romeo Hernandez, Provincial Budget Officer Consesa Gamao and Provincial So-cial Welfare and Develop-ment Officer Arsenio Alagenio.

Zubiri’s memorandum cited that he stopped the grant of AIFCS because of the abuses and questionable incidents involving the said program.

A source who requested anonymity said that one incident involved a govern-ment employee trying to ploy the program officers into giving financial aid.  The said employee allegedly hired a child to pose as an indigent asking help for his family.  All could have gone well until the child’s mother caused enough trouble to attract suspicions from authorities.

Another case, the source said, was when Governor Zubiri reportedly issued a slip granting P200.00 as AIFCS to an indigent.  Along the process, the amount in the slip became P2,000.00.  Provincial officials are still investigating who did the tampering.

A provincial official said that there are many more untoward incidents happened, thus prompting the governor on this decision.  He revealed that many kept coming back asking for money, even at the lousiest of reasons.  He said others would even get mad after receiving meager amounts. 

It would be better to hold the program temporarily until sufficient safeguards are in place, he added.

Some indigents waiting at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan hall were told of the memorandum to their dismay.  They condemned those people involved in the abuses.

The memorandum instructed the above-mentioned officials to stop granting of AIFCS effective on August 14, 2006 until the investigation is concluded. The order shall remain effective unless revoked or amended.  (NEWSWATCH)


Random Grounds: “Donated by”

September 27, 2006

By Rhandy G. Abao

CHEERS!  Good works to the Malaybalay City Traffic Management Center headed by Councilor Roberto Bob Casanova and Asst. Operations Officer Ernie Neri, and the Land Transportation Office headed by Mr. Romeo Miguel, for the continuous random check-up on motorists passing along the lengths of the city’s share of national highway. 

As always, constant document check-up on vehicles and motorcycles are essential to help curb accidents, which oftentimes caused by “unseminared” and reckless drivers.  It could also possibly help against criminals in the city.

JEERS.  It was sad to know that some politicians are now starting to ANNOUNCE their intention for next year elections.  The sadder thing was that they were using “legitimate” government affairs to their advantage.  The saddest of them all was that they were using government money as if their own in granting project request from hapless local barangay officials.  And these barangay officials were just too happy to be at the receiving end.  How do these pols cap it?  Ayaw baya kalimot sa sunod eleksyon ha? 
Another sure way to brandish your name clear of electioneering: T-shirts! Anyone?

Another one, again, is to malign someone very popular.  For sure, mediamen will pick the story of your “fight” and people will remember your name. Hey! People loves gossip, eh? Go figure.

REMINDERS:  For violations on the use of government vehicles privately, send TEXT MESSAGES TO 0917-549-6241 or PHOTOS/VIDEOS TO 0918-915-6279.  Include the location, date, time, description/type of the vehicle, color, and plate number.  The Ombudsman’s drive is powered by Republic Act 3019 or the Anti-graft and Corrupt Practices Law, and Republic Act 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

Help in the drive against abusive government officials and employees.  If you see government vehicles used non-officially (ksbot nmn cguro k b?), report/text it to the numbers above.  Remember, money used to buy government vehicles were from people’s taxes and should not be abused.  Pitolon ta ning mga k_l_ra!


FYI.  This is a forwarded e-mail. You might find it useful.

How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone?  To check your Mobile phone’s serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: * # 0 6 #

 A 15-digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. When your phone gets stolen (don’t wish), you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless.  

You probably won’t get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it can’t use/sell it either.  If everybody does this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones.


JUST FOR LAUGHS.   The Judge admonished the witness, “Do you understand that you have sworn to tell the truth?”  Witness: “I do.”  Judge: “Do you understand what will happen if you are not truthful?”  “Sure,” said the witness. “My side will win.”


DID YOU KNOW THAT the outstanding debt of the Republic of the
Philippines stood at, as of April 2006, P3,996,000,000,000.00?   Of this amount, P2,190,000,000,000.00 (55%) is owed to domestic creditors.  [Source: Bureau of Treasury/PDI Business] 

And as a result of PGMA’s humongous array of projects in the next three years, RP is poised to receive $7.4 billion, PARTIALLY, of financial support (read, utang). That’s as of August 6, 2006.  By today’s foreign exchange rate, that would be an additional P380,000,000,000.00 of foreign debt.

But look at the bright side, they only charged 3% interest per year, and payable in 20 years!  That’s only 11.42 billion pesos of interest per year.  (NEWSWATCH)

My Point of View: Of life, honor and cooperativism

September 27, 2006

By Romeo N. Cardoza

“I would rather die than loss my honor,” according to the hard-hitting columnist, Ramon Tulfo. This was his reaction when advised to leave the country while the First Gentleman is still angry at him.

Losing one’s life in defense of honor is a vanishing trait. The common path to take is to reconcile differences through a public apology, deny that the act was ever committed or the issue would solve itself.

I appreciate Tulfo for his grit and hard-hitting commentaries. This trait is hard to come by. However, making a dare on the First Gentleman maybe too much. Losing life in defense of honor is quite cavalier. But making a challenge so that the other party may resort to borrowing your life is foolishness.

There was a time when honor and dignity were non-negotiable. There were times when “delicadeza” was the rule of thumb and few books deal on the topic on what to do or not to do. There were times when public officials bahave as repositories of people’s confidence and never behave as the “peoples choice”. People behave like honor is a very precious commodity. However, dying for one’s honor never come as a natural consequence.

It is easy to say that one is willing to die in defense of one’s honor. Faced with the chance to do just that would then take a different twist. It is more convention to dis-own one’s words rather than take the test of one’s indiscretion.

The statement is therefore a foolish one. But only the brave and the desperate would cling to its veracity. Look at the opposition in congress. Only Congressmen Cayetano and Remulla seem to stick to their role and be vocal about it. Some have fallen wary about the tactics played on them. Still in defense of honor?

There is a hair-line difference between idealism and stoicism. The first talks of achieving one’s ideals while the latter talks of achieving what one thinks is right; whether it is according to one’s ideals or it is according to divine will. But most often, one talks of one’s ideals as if divine Will is the same. This results in the expression that “God willing, it will be done.”

In the ultimate analysis, though, for lack of something to blame, dying for one’s honor is bravely uttered with the hope that “God will protect me.” Idealism or stoicism? Only the philosophers can make a valid claim on the results.


A report submitted by the Cooperative Development Authority shows a total of 909 cooperatives in Bukidnon. District I has a total of 270; district II with 317 and district  III with 322.

However, before we rejoice on the big number of cooperatives registered, think again. Of the 909 cooperatives, only 334 are active. The rest are either cancelled, dissolved, for dissolution or are inactive. This means that only around 37% of cooperatives in Bukidnon are performing, thus classified as active.

Looking at the above figures, the registration of 296 cooperatives have already been cancelled or dissolved. They have no chance of being revived. Eighty-two are for dissolution while 36 are inactive for a total of 118 cooperatives already in coma or having their last breath.

Considering the belief that the cooperative is our only chance for economic development, coop organizers must look into this experience if cooperativism must move forward while pulling a lot of non-functional cooperatives.

I remember a cooperative formed a few years ago attended  by no less that the President of the Republic of the
Philippines. It was inaugurated with literally a big bang but fizzled out in a few months, with Quidancor now on the trail of foreclosing all its assets or having collection problems.

Surely, this debacle must also be blamed on funding agencies. To be able to access funds, groups or associations must register themselves as cooperatives. This is a great come-on, especially for coop leaders who entice members because of the funds to be accessed. Not having been imbued with the correct principles of cooperativism, members become enactive after accessing funds from the cooperative. In many instances, it was shown that the right reasons to form a cooperative leads to an active one.

Another suggestion is for CDA to temporarily register cooperatives and consider the same only after two years when this cooperative has already shown the right reasons to bind themselves in the constitution and by-laws of the same cooperative.

Of course, it behooves upon CDA to help cooperatives that are encountering problems. Other successful cooperatives may also be encouraged to adopt those that are weak.

Whatever the consequences, much is to be desired. While we always recognize and give awards to successful cooperatives like DEARBCI, BUGEMCO, etc., we have to do something to help small cooperatives in the rural areas. Only then can the cooperatives be OUR ONLY CHANCE for economic recovery. (NEWSWATCH)


Sweet & Sour: Dengue warning

September 27, 2006

By pete maguale

THERE were 3,000 policemen who graduated from Moral Values Seminar across the country. We hope that these “new” policemen will be real protectors of the people and not oppressors. They should be independent and true to their sworn duties and never engage on any political exercise or just bodyguards of powerful political leaders.


First Gentleman Mike Arroyo filed libel charges against Congressman Cayetano for divulging the alleged First Family dollar foreign account in a certain bank abroad. Former 1st lady Imelda Marcos never did this against their enemies before. Well, the Arroyos’ are different, maybe wiser than the Marcoses to protect their honor and reputation. First Gentleman Mike Arroyo filed another charges with the court to disbar Congressman Cayetano,  the brother of Senator Pia Cayetano for violation of  the Code of Conduct as a lawyer  according to him (Mike Arroyo).


A dengue outbreak was declared in Morong, Rizal with 706 cases and 30 deaths of children. This is a warning to the people of Bukidnon, which had high cases of dengue before. Families should protect their children from dengue-carrying mosquitoes by observing the prevention measures given by DOH, hospitals and health centers. Cleanliness of surroundings is one and bringing their children immediately to the nearest hospital at the first sign of high fever for early detection and medication.


BUSECO informed the public that the three-hour blackout in

City affecting barangays from Aglayan to Dalwangan on Sept. 12 early night was due to a big  Ipil-ipil tree that fell down hitting the primary line of BUSECO. Power was restored at 8:35 pm. Good job BUSECO!


Another blackout was announced on Sept. 16 (Saturday), from 7:00am to 4:00pm because of TRANSCO’s schedule of clearing the electric lines of big trees which are  hazardous to their primary lines. We should know this for the information of the people of Bukidnon that TRANSCO, BUSECO and FIBECO are doing this for the good of the general public.


Another militant leader killed by motorcycle-riding killers. The military denies involvement in the killing. The killing of militant leaders in various places in the country remain mysterious… Who are the culprits of these unsolved killings, without regards to the values of human lives? What is happening to our country today? Are we becoming a Gestapo nation?


The XXX Tulfo brothers who are known as anti-illegal drugs and other-evil-works fighters in the community where charged by powerful personalities of libel. Their works are dangerous but they are also veterans and brave reporters. They are doing what is good for our people and community. They are used to libel ever since. They are press freedom  fighter – journalists too.


About 60 families were reduced to extreme poverty by a fire that razed their houses to ashes at Kalambagohan, Brgy. 15, Cagayan de Oro City. Property damage is estimated to P1M. Police said this is the biggest fire in CDO this year and another headache for Mayor Dongcoy Emano, where and how to relocate these families aside from providing them with basic things such as food, clothing, medicines, etc. for their survival until they can stand again to support their families. Providing them with a job is another burden of  the City Government of CDO.


Cagayan Resort declared open to the public at Tagwanao, CDO by Mayor Emano. It is a tourist attraction because of its beautiful scenery, blue and very clean water sources. It has various swimming pools for adults, children and family for relaxation. Visit and enjoy yourself swimming at this newest and fresh Cagayan Resort.


The countries of Finland and
Japan are accepting Pinay nurses. In
Japan, applicants have to undergo six-months of training how to speak the Japanese language.


The weather in

City is very unpredictable. The sun shines only in the morning and in the afternoon, it rains until evening coupled with thunders and lightnings. Parents must provide their school children with hats or umbrellas and coats to protect them from cold and other illness due to heavy rains.


Spiritual Thoughts:

“Happiness is having a father who cares”  (Elder James E. Faust)

Nine words that can stop Juvenile Delinquency: “Put father back as the head of the family”  (Liahona, September Issue)

Note: LIAHONA which means Compass is the official magazine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Saints here means followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.)



Bantay Balita: 1 ka bata patay,14 angol sa aksidente

September 27, 2006

QUEZON, BUKIDNON – Usa ang patay samtang 14 ang naangol sa dihang nabalintong ang usa ka Fuso Jitney sa National Highway, Sityo Kipolot, Barangay Palacapao ning lungsod.

Ang biktima naila nga si Michelle Mahilum, 9 anyos, residente sa Barangay Kahusayan, lungsod sa Kitaotao. Gidala  sa tambalanan ug anaa sa talandugon nga kahimtang si Carlito Cancamo, 49, residente sa dapit sa nahitaboan.

Ang laing 13 ka mga pasahero  nakaangkon sa mga bun-og ug gagmay’ng samad sa ilang lawas.

Nasuta sa imbestigasyon nga ang maong jitney  gimanehoan sa tag-iya nga si Pepito Emeterio, residente sa maong dapit.

Matod pa,  ang sakyanan gikan sa lungsod sa Sityo Rawari, Barangay Kahusayan, Kitaotao padulong sa Barangay Poblacion ning lungsod.

Migula nga nabalintong ang sakyanan sa tuong bahin sa kalsada human nawad-an sa brake  ug ang maong sakyanan nakaangkon usab og kadaut. (BANTAY BALITA)

Bantay Balita: Optic wire sa Globe giputol

September 27, 2006

QUEZON, BUKIDNON – Giputol sa wala masayri nga mga suspetsado bag-ohay lang ang fiber optic feeble wire sa poste Globe Telecommunications Company nga nahimutang sa Barangay Palacapao ning lungsod.

Usa ka Ronel Domel, 36, residente sa Barangay Buhangin,

City ang mitaho sa buhatan sa kapolisan kabahin sa maong insidente. Matod pa nga ang wire sa poste numero 168 sa Globe sa maong dapit ang tinuyo nga giputol ug gipahagsa sa mga gituhuang grupo sa mga extortionist.

Matod pa,  ang kontraktor sa maong proyekto nakadawat sa extortion text gikan sa wala mailang tawo pipila ka oras sa wala pa ang insedente. Padayon pa ang imbestigasyon sa kapolisan kabahin sa maong insedente.

Nasayran usab nga sa unang mga higayon, pipila na ka mga tower sa Globe sa tibuok nasud ang gipangdaut kay matod pa nagdumili sa paghatag sa extortion money ang management sa Globe. (BANTAY BALITA)

Bantay Balita: Pulis gi-ambush, suspetsado patay

September 27, 2006

usa sa duha nga mga armadong tawo nga miatang sa duha ka mga pulis ning lungsod nga mihigayon sa paggukod sa mga suspetsado bag-ohay lang. Ang insidente nahitabo sa Sityo Kawilihan, Barangay Butong ning lungsod.

Ang namatay naila nga si Policarpio Estrada, alayas Junjun, hingkod, minyo ug residente sa Sityo Anibong, Sinilayan, Barangay Dologon, lungsod sa Maramag. Naigo si Estrada sa iyang walang dughan hinungdan sa iyang kamatayon.

Nasayran nga ang duha ka mga pulis nga nadistino sa BUSCO Police Community Precinct ang mihimo sa paggukod sa duha ka mga armadong mga tawo diin ang
usa kanila mao si Estrada. Wala mailhi ang kauban ni Estrada.

Segun sa taho sa kapolisan ning lungsod nga samtang mipahigayon sila sa paggukod sa duha ka mga armadong tawo, ang mga suspetsado ang mipahimutang sa ilang kaugalingon sa pag-atang kanila (pulis) sa sagbuton nga bahin sa dalan sa maong dapit.

Dugang pa nga gipusil sa mga suspetsado ang mga pulis sa dihang mokabat 15 metros na lang ang ilang kalay-on.

Ang mga pulis mibalos sa pagpusil sa mga suspetsado hinungdan sa kamatayon ni Estrada.

Nakasibat ang wala mailhing kauban ni Estrada. Narekober sa nga polis ang
usa ka kalibre .38 rebolber ni Estrada nga kargado sa 3 ka mga bala ug 2 ka kapsula. (BANTAY BALITA)